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Tana Sachs - acontecer diario

The term event evokes a certain impersonal notion of flux, at odds with the image of disruption conveyed by the related term, happening. The current exhibit by Tana Sachs, Acontecer Diario (Daily Events) – assemblage of objects and photographs – positions itself within that subtle relationship to express dissimilar experiencies of multiple contemporary times.

This focus opposes what is virtual – the public exploitation by the media of daily events – to what is real – the unmediated individual experience of what is happening. Between the excess that stirs us and the want that keeps us watchful there are mutations and paradoxes.

Sachs probes the global dimension of communications and gives shape to the flood of information that overloads the senses and contaminates any portrayal of reality. Wielding a critical point of view, the artist translates into esthetic principle something that would be good journalistic practice as well: colloquial icons, technical and stylistic integrity, and humanistic arguments; she bridges the gaps between event and happening; she translates contingency and weaves a third text on the loom of art. And, only then, she communicates.

Alicia Romero & Marcelo Giménez, Docents and Researchers in the arts

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Acotecer Diario en Decastelli - Anónimos Urbanos en Decastelli - May 2010

Anónimos Urbanos - Panel assembly 20 pieces - 240 cm x 120 cm


Detail Anónimos Urbanos