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2001 Acquisition Prize XVII Hall Tapestry Biennial, Museo Eduardo Sivori.

1999 Award in the V Joint National Sea Hall, Cultural Center Auditorium, Mar del Plata.

1998 Grand Prix Acquisition "President of Argentina" XII National Exhibition of Textile Art.

1998 1st. Minitextiles Award Hall III, C.A.A.T.

1998 1st. Paper Prize at Mariano Moreno.

1998 1st. Shared award Textile Arts Show Municipality of San Isidro.

1998 2 º. Mariano Moreno Minitextil Hall Award.

2nd 1996. I mention in the Chamber of Textile Art A.P.S.I.

1996 1st. Prize at Mariano Moreno.

1995 1st. ProArte-Cordoba Foundation Award.

1993 1st. Quinquela Prize at Martin.

1992 2nd. Quinquela Prize at Martin.


2010 Castelli Gallery
2006 Alliance Francaise Gallery

Textile Arts Centre 2005

1999 Program Encounters with Art, Citibank, Villa Adelina.

1996 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

1995 Ibero Amerikannische Deutsch Gesellschaft, Frankfurt.

1995 Postgraduate Scholarship of the DAAD, University of Paderborn and the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.

1994 Gallery La Porte Ouverte-Alliance Française.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (Participation with various works)

2001 Art-Fiber, Eduardo Sivori Museum.

2000 Tapestry Collection, Museo Eduardo Sivori.

2000 Fundacruz Textile Art, Casa de la Cultura, Rio Gallegos.

1999 New Expressions in Textiles, National Endowment for the Arts.

Alumni Exhibition 1998 the Federal Republic of Germany, Goethe School Association, Boulogne.

1997 Collective exhibition of Minitextiles in Fundacruz, Casa de la Cultura, Rio Gallegos.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (Participation with work)

2009 International Art Textiles Palais de Glace

2008 Blanco textile Recoleta

2004 Black Textile Recoleta

10th 2001. International Textile Art Triennial Lodz, Poland.

2001 Blue Textile Recoleta.

Minitextiles 2001, Como, Italy.

Mini Textiles 2001 Hall, Municipality of Mendoza.

Entretramas 2001, Government of Buenos Aires, Defence Plaza.

2000 1st. National Meeting of Textile Art, Rosario.

1999 First Exhibition of Textile Art Foundation Andreani.

Latin American Hall 1998 I Mini-Textiles, Montevideo.

1998 The Miniature Textiles in Buenos Aires, Galería Speroni.

1998 Textile Art in the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

Contemporary Textile Art 1997, Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes "Fernan Felix de Amador" Lujan.

1996 Textile Art in the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires.

1996 Red Textile Recoleta.

Humphrey 1993 Reading Public Museum and Gallery, New York.

Note: Participated in all National and Municipal Halls since they were created in 1972. Teaching exercises in his workshop and is a member of the Argentine Center of Textile Art.


Tana Sachs studied drawing and painting with Lajos Szalay in Buenos Aires and in the United States, at the Art Student League and The New School of Social research in New York.
She won a scholarship from the D.A.A.D Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst to study batik, dye techniques, and engraving at the Acaderny of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, from 1962-64.
She was invited to the Gobelin Manufaktur in Nurenberg in 1976 and again in Padderborn Germany for fiber art paper experiences in 1994.
Since 1974 she established a studio where she teaches tapestry, batik basketry and paper work. She is a member of the Argentine Center of textile Art.

Nacional Exibits

  • All the Municipal and Nationals Textile Arts competitions since their creation in 1972.
  • Eight artists of the Fiber art world in Argentina.
  • National museum of Decorative Art.
  • Cultural Center San Martin.
  • Prize “Maria Calderón de la barca” .   
  • Sivori museum of Argentine Art.
  • Panorama of the Argentine Tapestry movement.
  • Lorenzutti foundation.
  • Twelve Artists of tapestry and textile art. National Museum of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires 1982
  • I, II and III International competition in miniature textile art. International Textile Show in “Mar del Plata”.
  • VII National Textile Art Show (1988).
  • Suisse Cultural Center. Museum of Modern Art. Textile art prize. Argentina (1990).
  • Textile art show “Red” at the Recoleta art center in Buenos Aires. (1996).
  • Textile art show “Blue” at the Recoleta art center in Buenos Aires (2002).
  • Textile art show “Black” at the Recoleta art center in Buenos Aires(2005).

Exibiciones international

  • Fiber  Works  America and Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.
  • “Cantar of Cantares” Song of songs. Buenos Aires and Israel.
  • Michoacano competition of International textile art  in Miniature. Mexico.
  • Event of tapestry “gaucha” Porto Alegre, Brazil.
  • Miniature Textile Exibicion. Como, Italy.
  • I Latin American Mini-Textile show(1998). Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • IV International Textile Miniature show. Szombathely, Hungary.
  • Humphrey Gallery and Reading Public Museum (1993). New York, United States.
  • Deutsch Ibero Amerikannische Gesellschaft (1995). Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Triennial of Tapestry (2001). Lodz, Poland.
  • Toronto International Art Fair (2002). Toronto, Canada.


  • Mention in III tapestry national competition show.
  • Acquisition Prize National foundation of the Arts, Buenos Aires (1978)
  • Third Prize of the National textile art competition (1980)
  • Konex Foundation merit degree for performance in textile art.(1982)
  • 2° Prize Biennale of textile art. Museum Eduarde Sivori.. (1985)
  • 2° Prize “Benito Quinquela Martin” Textile art show(1992)
  • 1º  Prize “Benito Quinquela Martin”Textile art show (1993)
  • 1ºPrize Foundation ”Pro art Cordova” textile art show (1995)
  • 1º  Prize Mariano Moreno Cultural Center (1996)
  • 2º Mention Textile Art A.P.S.I. San Isidro (1996)
  • 2° Minitextil Prize Mariano Moreno cultural center  (1998)
  • 1º Prize in the 3º competition Mini textiles C.A.A.T.(1998)
  • 1º Prize Textile Art Municipality of San Isidro (1998)
  • 1º Prize hand made textile art in paper. Mariano Moreno Cultural Center (1998)
  • Great Prize Acquisition “President of the Argentine Nation” of the XII National Textile art salon(1998).
  • 1º Prize in XVII Biennale of textile art. Museum Eduardo Sivori (2001)


  • Tye and dye of fabrics and the Batik. Editors center of Latin America.
  • Todays Textile art in Argentine
  • Magazine “Interwowen” “Tramemos”